Athyrius Design has over 25 years experience in design and code, with 15 of those based on the web. Athyrius work has been featured in Scientific American, Fast Company, PEAK Luxury Magazine and Vogue Italia, among others. For the past several years Athyrius has implemented the launch of Windstrument Inc., as Executive Creative Director and Social media expert.

Athyrius has been a featured writer and graphic artist for Graphics.com / Jupiter Media Group and has also designed and hosted red carpet events at the Palms Casino, Las Vegas.

Contact Athyrius for all of your design, internet & promotional needs, large or small. We are great at assisting clients with any size budget.


Your brand was born to stand out and be unique. Be inspired by others, recognize their great work and follow appropriate trends, but when it comes to your brand, be original.


Your website design is there to support your works in an eye-catching, beautiful fashion. Creating a visual story that highlights your brand, your product is a design philosophy has been the mantra of Athyrius’ Agency since 2001. Whether it’s minimal or extravagant, we will always strive to be innovative and personal.

Go BIG or…

…go home. Seriously. We are pushing the limits of human interaction and imagination. We love the trend of bigger than life design originally necessitated by designing for handheld devices. By going big we can give users maximum impact as soon as they land on your site, from any size screen.


We create amazing digital content for clients by using creativity & technology, unlike other design agencies still using sharpened sticks and finger paints.


Why doesn’t every brand embrace their uniqueness and communicate honestly to the areas that have the potential to skyrocket success? Call us. We have a very easy consultation process in which we discover your unique style, whether it is a simple informational or a lavish multimedia site. We listen to you and quickly understand your needs.


Who isn’t on a mobile phone or small device? Yep, even at dinner. So your online presence has to have a strong mobile and device friendly interface. This is another reason designers are going with bigger text and larger, touch friendly whitespaces. If your site or advertising campaign doesn’t work on all devices then neither do we, for long.



Contact us today for a consultation and we can discuss our complete, Web Design & Brand Development Packages. As well as excelling at standard code, we are Joomla, Worpress and other Content Management Experts.

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Label & Cover Design

Photo Retouching







Central Ohio Welding , a century old company in Columbus, Ohio, needed a facelift. It had been on a ‘build your own website’ server for a long time and frankly, it showed. We moved to a new server and developed a Content Management System. We employed good SEO tactics and made it completely responsive on all hand held devices.

We had designed a Logo for them a year before starting the website. This was an interesting design challenge as the company initials spell COW, something to be avoided in the design. We went with red as a no brainer, welders love the heat. Red is also the color of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

We designed a Team page that gives the Employees separate, protected contact forms. This helps block spammers who would be attracted to simple ‘mail to’ links on the site.

We made sure the main (top) menu was sticky for constant access on small screens and repeated the contact information on the footer. At the bottom of all relevant pages we placed a Call Out Banner with a prominent contact link button to take visitors to the Contact Page.

You can visit Central Ohio Welding at: centralohiowelding.com. They are great people to work with.

Central Ohio Welding


All art, design, copy, 3d models and concepts in the galleries below created by Athyrius: 2001 – 2015

Windstrument featured on FastCompany

Windstrument featured on FastCompany

Windstrument Wind Turbine

Athyrius began conceptualizing marketing and design for the Windstrument as it was being submitted for patenting.

Athyrius did 3d design and layout, promotions and graphics.

The Windstrument has since been featured in Fast Company, Scientific American, Vogue Italia (in print) Discovery Magazines Treehugger and PEAK, Singapores Luxury Magazine (print).

22 Inch Glossy Brochure for the US Museum Tour of Ms. Castanos Fabric Art Pieces.


Castano Brochure Cover



Sallees Herbworx, Organic, handmade lotions, ointments and salves.


Signage Designed for Victorian Themed Convention



Label Designs

Three Birds – started as just a whimsical little art piece and ended up being the featured piece on a PBS special on new methods of Fabric Printing. The silk kimono it was printed on then toured the U.S. as a display model.

three birds by Athyrius

Three Birds

COW-SLogo Design and Website for Central Ohio Welding


Magazine Coverlaquered_header


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