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Effective SEO – Great Design


Central Ohio Welding is a century old company that had created a ‘make your own website with free hosting web service’.

As we all know that nothing is really free, the host was configured in a way that all of the SEO benefits went directly to the agency and Central Ohio didn’t show up on any of the big 3 search engines.
We had designed a logo for them a year before to replace their former logo (which was simply ‘COW’ in text). So we had a starting place for the design itself with a color and style focus on the beloved Ohio State Buckeyes football team.

We were given just four directives by COW in regards to the site and developed the rest, including content, text, imagery on our own. It was a very different ‘hands off’ approach by a client.

A very conservative design; no ‘rock star’ type styling.
Contact forms for each of the employees.
An emphasis the 100 year history of the company.
A small  but prominent vendor showcase.

Athyrius Studio met all of the clients requests and completed the design and deployment in less than 2 weeks. We also took them from 0 to 1 on all three major search engines for their company niche. Visit to see what we did for them. 



The results speak for themselves.  Central Ohio Welding ranks #1  for “Ohio Welding Supply” & “Ohio Welding Supplies” on all of the big 3 search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. This was accomplished by a thorough understanding of search engine algorithms; knowing what the search engine robots are ‘looking for’ when they scan your website. This is called ‘white hat’ search engine optimization, as opposed to ‘black hat’ tricky methods that can ultimately get your website banned from the search engines.

Central Ohio Welding PROFITS increased by 20% or more within the first 3 months of launch.

Suddenly local welders could find the website and easily contact the business. Just as important, having a professional site design displayed a caring attention and respect for this older, well established business.

Beyond the site design and SEO, we suggested promotional materials for use by employees and by the company, launching these quickly and easily using a common sales site and keeping the production overhead nonexistent, besides initial design costs. The design of these promotional products was guided with the 100 year history of the company and also classic and subliminally attractive styling of the Ohio State University Buckeyes in mind.


by Athyrius

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